Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City- In an effort to boost the negotiation expertise and skills of its personnel, PNP AKG brought its 12 police officers composed of 6 Police Commissioned Officers and 6 Police Non-Commissioned Officers, to undergo Kidnap Negotiator Course on November 10-16, 2023 in Semarang, Indonesia.

This course is the continuation of the Phase 1 Hostage Negotiation Training Skills conducted last February 13-24, 2023 in the same venue which was also participated by the same participants of this Group.

The course entails a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide the participants with a solid foundation in Negotiation skills as well as intellectual techniques in handling kidnap-for-ransom cases. By offering this course, PNP AKG is taking proactive steps to enhance its capabilities and create an inclusive environment suited for intensifying collaboration with foreign counterparts.

As the five-day training concluded, the participants gained the opportunity to delve deep into the techniques, strategies, and skills in negotiation most especially in handling kidnapping for ransom cases and this knowledge will be echoed to all personnel of AKG.